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It is not hard to see why auto transport services are gaining popularity. Shipping a vehicle can really end up saving you lots of money when a move is said and done, especially if you are thinking about moving across the country. This service will not only save you money, but time and energy as well. It is vital, however, to prepare your vehicle the right way when you are looking into auto transport. Here are the top three things that industry professionals recommend.

Get an Inspection

Getting a pre-shipment inspection is one of the most vital parts of the preparation process. You should take your vehicle to a licensed mechanic in order to make sure that it is in good condition to ship. This inspection will also document anything that might be damaged or in poor condition before the move learn more. It will allow you to see the differences between when the car was sent and when it is received, showing you any damage that might have occurred in transit.

Get Coverage

Insurance coverage is vital to anyone who is shipping a vehicle. This coverage must cover the vehicle in its entirety in the event that there is a total loss. You will often find that most car hauling companies offer some kind of coverage. Always make sure to verify this coverage before you opt out of any private policies.  Your vehicle is a large investment, so you need to make sure that you have insurance to cover its loss should something bad happen along the way.

In order to get total coverage, you might need to have both types learn more

Taking pictures of the vehicle on the day that it is released to the car hauling company is a good idea. Pictures are documents that will prove the condition of the vehicle before it was released to the company, making it easy to compare when the vehicle arrives at its destination. Make sure that you take photos from all views, including close up as well as far away. Take pictures not only of damaged areas of the vehicle, but of the entire vehicle as a whole as well. Remember, if there is damage that occurs while the vehicle is in transit, you must prove in your claim that the damage was not already there. Pictures can help you accomplish this, but only if you take them from the right angles.

Other Thoughts

These three tips are only the beginning. If you are thinking of shipping your vehicle, then you should also consider things such as draining your gas tank, removing hood ornaments, and removing personal things from the interior. Each of these items will help you prepare for the shipment as well. It doesn’t matter where you are going to move to, auto transport services can help you get there.

You have lots of options to consider if you are moving a vehicle or even shipping is to a buyer in another state or country. Driving may not be an option either because you need to get to your new location quickly, you have a luxury car on which you want to minimize racking up the miles, or you need to move multiple family members and the car ride would be uncomfortable.

Car hauling companies vary and you will want different services depending on the type of car you are moving. You need to use a closed carrier if you are shipping an expensive luxury vehicle. This option can make sure that your vehicle is protected from road debris as well as the elements.

Open transport provided by one of the many logistics companies might be the best idea if your company is paying to ship your commuter vehicle. When it comes to auto transport you have this and other options. If you want the car sent quickly then the transporters may have to do a special delivery for you and the cost will be much higher.

If you can wait for the car to arrive then your better option will be to use standard shipping where they will batch your car with other cars and are thus able to lower the cost. For a higher degree of service, you can choose to pick up and drop off your vehicle at the station where the company operates, or you can have them come directly to your home or office.