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Four Steps to Finding the Best Driving School Phoenix

Four Steps to Finding the Best Driving School Phoenix

Four Steps to Finding the Best Driving School Phoenix

Drivers ed class is a big rite of passage during your teen years – one that you have to undertake before you can zoom off in that hot ride you’ve been eyeing. (If you’re over 18 years old, it’s still a good idea to take one.. even though you aren’t required to by law.) Now that it’s become much less common for high schools to offer drivers ed classes to students, you’re probably one of the many teens who need to look for a driving school.

Finding a driving school that’s reasonably priced and close to home is important – after all, who wants to shell out mucho bucks on top of round-trip gas fare? But remember that you’re also making a big investment towards your future and safety. With most states requiring 24-30 hours of classroom education at Best Driving School Phoenix, plus around 6 for supervised behind-the-wheel training, you’ll want the most for your time and money. So here’s a simple four-step guide we’ve put together to help you (and/or your parents) find the best drivers ed classes in your area:

Step One: List Your Options

This is easy: search for schools in your vicinity. Flip through the yellow pages, do a search online, or ask a friend for their recommendation. When you’ve got a couple of schools on your list, it’s time to narrow it down.

Step Two: Weed ‘Em Out and Best Driving School Phoenix 

Make sure the schools on your list are accredited by your state’s DMV: you can find this out by calling them or checking online. Ask about prices and lesson packages too. If everything’s reasonable and the place seems credible, schedule a visit. You’re going to be spending more than a couple of hours in the school you choose, so it’s best to make sure it’s one that you’re comfortable in and actually like.

Step Three: Size ‘Em Up

Once there, survey the school: do you feel at ease there? Do they seem organized, helpful? The best school will have decent sized classes, up-to-date classrooms & student cars, and driving simulators for realistic, safe practice. The instructors should be knowledgeable and give each student plenty of one-on-one time. Ask about the class curriculum; it should teach useful driving skills like defensive driving and car maintenance, not just basics out of the DMV manual. If a school doesn’t measure up, keep it moving until you’ve found a winner.

Step Four: Negotiation

In case you’ve found the perfect school but the tuition is a bit more than you were hoping to pay, try this. Many driving schools are pleased to offer a special discount or a reasonable installment plan to break up costs, so don’t be shy about asking. A good school shouldn’t be afraid to bend a little to keep a customer happy!

So that’s all! Yes, of course choosing a random driving school in the phone book is much simpler and faster than following these steps, but finding the right one is definitely worth your time. Drivers ed will teach you the skills and maneuvers that will benefit you for as long as you drive, and that knowledge may even help save your life one day. Plus, wouldn’t you rather enroll at a driving school that actually makes the experience more fun, interactive, and useful?

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The Best Auto Insurance Made Cheaper – Better Tips For Big Savings

If you have surfed the internet, looking for an auto insurance policy, you are certain to have already read some articles about how to save money on coverage. The problem with many of these articles is in two areas.

Some advice would have you sacrifice coverage which will actually cost you more in the long run.

Most of these articles have the same worn out tips which have not been updated lately, though many things have changed about the way insurers market their products.

Be Wary Of Sacrificing Coverage

If you cut your maximum coverage or cut out some coverage, you put yourself at a risk if you do have to make a claim. Lots of agents will advise drivers of older cars to cut their insurance policy down to legally mandated liability coverage. But what if you do have an accident, and you are responsible for the claim? Can you really afford to repair or replace your car? A few dollars a month may be a small price to pay to make sure that your claims will be covered if you need to make a claim.

Ask Your Local Body Shop Who They Like

If you have a Best Auto Body Shop in St. Louis, wander in and ask them which insurers they like to deal with. This is a great way to find the auto insurance companies who are easiest to work with and most generous with claims! If you don’t have a local body shop, ask your friends or coworkers which companies they like. People in your own local area, who have had experience with different companies, are a great resource.

Top companies have national offices, but they actually do their work on a local level. So the experience of an insured person in Maine can be very different than that of an insured person in Texas or South Dakota. Local information can really help you.

Compare Auto Insurance Premiums and Best Auto Body Shop in St. Louis

Premium rates will also be local. Your state, city, and even zip code will matter. That is because insurers track claims statistics by area, and they set their prices accordingly. A driver in a busy city, with more risk of accidents and thefts, will be likely to pay more than a driver in a quiet rural area. Repair costs will also affect rates, and again, a downtown NYC repair shop will probably cost more than a small town garage. You need to find the premiums for your own area, and that is why most quote forms start out by asking you what your zip code is.

Find Discounts

Again, insurers track lots of data about the types of claims they pay. If they believe that some unique details about an insured person will prevent claims, they are likely to offer a discount.

Here are some common car insurance discounts that you may be able to take advantage of with some insurers.

Drivers Education or Drivers Safety Classes

Safety Features or Anti-theft Devices on a Car

Multiple Policy Discounts like Home and Car Discounts

Safer Cars to Insure

A Good Credit Report

Now do not assume that every insurer will have the same rates or discounts. It is important to shop around so you can find the best insurance for you.

We want to make it easy and simple for you to find top quality coverage while saving money. Find Cheap Car Insurance with our safe, fast, and free competitive quote forms.

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